Access Management

Location: Library fourth floor (Suite 440)
Telephone: 508.999.8532

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Service Mission

To provide secure access to University information technology (IT) applications in a timely and courteous manner. To provide information and assistance for full implementation of University IT services. To enrich the University community through campus-wide communications.

Account management

  • Create UMassD Logon accounts for students and employees.
  • Create and maintain Human Resource/Financial/COIN accounts.
  • Create and maintain Active Directory access.
  • Create and maintain UMass Online accounts.
  • Create and maintain Zimbra accounts.
  • Manage accounts including clean up and removal.


  • Provide authentication support for password, LDAP settings, Active Directory, VPN, UMass Online, Facilities work orders, Library e-resources, PeopleSoft.
  • Provide authorization support: ability to access appropriate applications/information.
  • Provide access to Active Directory file shares.
  • Provide access and course administration of UMass Dartmouth Learning Management systems (UMass Online).
  • Provide overall user support for applications, general questions pertaining to CITS or the University, via telephone, walk-in, and email to individuals or POSTMASTER, CIT_AM, WEBMASTER, SPAMCATCHER.
  • Provide abuse/security support.
  • Support email application/infrastructure.
  • Represent CITS at UMass system initiatives such as PeopleSoft, LDAP, IT Policy Sub-Committee, Identity Management, UMass Online.


  • Manage UMass Dartmouth communications including umdnotify, umdannounce, umdalert.
  • Maintain UMass Dartmouth communications lists.