Frequently Asked Questions

How will the laptops be distributed?

CITS will order the laptops, prepare them for distribution, load licensed software, and arrange for faculty pick-up and orientation.

How were models and configurations chosen?

Models were chosen that were powerful enough to accommodate standard software and most expected usage. The models were also chosen to be light enough to be easily taken to classrooms, offices, homes, and the library. Both Apple and Windows platforms are available. See the hardware information for more details about the models.

What if I would prefer a different model or configuration?

Alternative models or configurations will not be provided through this program.

What software will be on the laptop when I receive it?

The laptop will contain the operating system, Microsoft Office, web browser, security software, and several common utilities. See the software information for specifics.

Can I load other software?

Yes, as long as the software is properly licensed to you or the university.

Can I order other components, such as a monitor?

Yes, although such additional components will not be ordered or paid for by the faculty laptop program.

Will this replace my desktop?

Financially, this is a decision of your department and/or college. Functionally, it is anticipated that many faculty will find the laptop convenient and useful for all their computing needs.

What will happen at the end of the three-year lease?

All laptops must be returned to the lease company at the end of the three year period. They will not be available for individual or departmental purchases. This ensures that faculty have access to the newest generation of laptops running the latest versions of software.

What if I'm not ready to utilize it now? Am I missing my chance?

The Faculty Instructional Laptop Program is an ongoing program, and it is our intention to meet faculty needs on an ongoing basis. We ask that you defer your request until you are ready to fully utilize the laptop, so that we can best meet the needs of those faculty who are ready to participate this fall.

What equipment am I required to return?

Apple and Windows recipients are required to return the original laptop and power supply. Windows recipients are also required to return the port replicator/docking station and secondary power supply.

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