Software Specifications


  • These are the preliminary specifications. Configurations are being negotiated; the specifications listed below indicate the likely features and configurations.
  • The table lists the software supplied on the laptop that CITS will support. The laptop may come with other software; please see the Software FAQ for more information.
Photo ‌              Dell E7440



MacBook Air 13      

Model Dell Ultrabook E7480 MacBook Air 13
Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate OSX 10.11
Office Software Microsoft Office 2016® Microsoft Office 2016®
Email Office 365 Office 365
Web Browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox Safari, Firefox
Anti-Virus Sophos Sophos
Personal Firewall Windows Firewall Mac OSX Firewall
Scheduling & Calendaring Office 365 Office 365
PeopleSoft PeopleSoft Applets and Configurations PeopleSoft Applets and Configurations
Miscellaneous Internet Applications Adobe Reader, Quicktime, RealPlayer, Windows Media, Flash Player Adobe Reader, Quicktime, RealPlayer, Windows Media, Flash Player
Security Computrace Complete Computrace Complete

Software FAQ

If I need a specific program installed on my laptop that is not listed and is not part of the operating system. How do I get it on the laptop? Can I install it myself?
Contact CITS regarding special software you need. You have the ability to install any software necessary on the laptop, and we ask that you install academic and work related programs. CITS will provide support only for its licensed programs.
Piracy programs, mal ware, spamming software, and hacking programs are not allowed on the computers and violate the UMass Responsible Use Policy.
Can I delete programs on the laptop?
Do not delete programs provided on the laptop as these constitute a standard configuration. If you have a problem with one of these programs, contact CITS for support. If you prefer to use another program instead of the one provided, you may do so, and simply not use the program we provide. If you find that you need space on the hard drive, you can back up data using the CD burner or another mass storage device. You can delete any programs you install yourself.
Under no circumstances may you delete or replace the operating system. If you have technical difficulties or if the program you need requires a specific version or kind of operating system, contact the CITS Service Center at 508.999.8790 or via email.
What are my rights and responsibilities?
You are expected to abide by the Responsible/Acceptable Use of Computing Services Policy.

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