Dion 109

Instructional Development is located in Dion 109 and is also the home of , the CITS Faculty and Staff Training Center. The center houses 11 computer stations (8 Windows-based and 3 Mac) and 1 instructor station for the purposes of training, workshops, and support services for faculty utilizing instructional technology. The center also houses office space for the Instructional Development team.

Faculty Media Development Station

The ID team has established a media work station for faculty interested in using specialized media software to add audio to PowerPoint presentations, record audio clips, convert PowerPoint to Flash, scan images, and scan documents to Word or PDF format. Located in Dion 109, the station is set in a private area and is equipped with a Windows based computer, flatbed scanner, and headset microphone. Faculty wishing to utilize the station can drop by during our normal drop in hours or should call ahead to reserve a day and time. ID staff is available to provide training and assistance during our scheduled drop in hours or by making an appointment at 508.999.8501.

Workstation Capabilities

Narrate PowerPoint Presentations
Convert PowerPoint to Flash or Java
Convert Word to LMS(Learning Management System) compatible formats
Create WebCT Compatible Quizzes amd Exams
Record Audio Clips
Extract Audio from Audio CDs
Scan Images
Scan Documents into PDF or Word format

Specialized Software

Articulate Presenter
Course Genie
Impatica PowerPoint

Connected Equipment

Headset Microphone
Flatbed Scanner