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Registering Game Consoles and Media Streaming Devices

Game consoles and media streaming devices (Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, AppleTV) are allowed on the campus network, and may be used wired or wirelessly in the residence halls. Your device must be registered before you can use it.

  • Locate the hardware address of your game console or media device (e.g. 1a:2b:3c:4d:5e:6f). The hardware address for most devices appears on a label on the outside. If you have difficulty locating the hardware address, consult the manufacturer’s website for more information.
  • Visit using your computer, phone, or other connected device.
  • Register your game console or media streaming device using the hardware address and your UMassD Logon username and password.
  • Power your device off. Wait a minimum of 15 minutes for the network settings to take effect before powering it on again.
  • Plug your console or device into the Ethernet port in your room, or use your device settings to connect to the CorsairWiFi wireless network. Note that the 24-hour lease for CorsairWiFi guests does not apply to registered devices. Your console or streaming device will stay registered for the duration of the academic year.

For questions, contact CITS at 508.999.8900 or email


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