Paper use in the Library & CITS Labs

PrintLessTracking and in the Learning Commons, Scholarly Commons and CITS labs yielded some staggering statistics.

Paper & toner use

  • During the fall 2009 semester, the library and labs used 1,250,000 sheets of paper.
  • Projection for the spring semester was the same: 1,250,000 sheets of paper.
  • Or: 2,500,000 sheets of paper per academic year.

In environmental terms, how many trees? 300 trees per academic year

Simultaneously, 104 toner cartridges were used per academic year.

Wasted paper

These numbers are large, but at least all that paper is going to good use, right? Student assignments, reports, homework . . . Unfortunately, a lot of paper winds up in the trash cans right in the labs and library.

Paper waste analysis for 2 months:

  • 100,000 pieces of paper--or 20 cartons, or ½ a ton--have been wasted in the library public printing areas
  • In environmental terms, how many trees thrown away? 12 trees in just 2 months
  • In financial terms, how much money thrown away? $600 in just 2 months

Enviromental impact

  • 1 ream of paper (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree
  • 1 ton of uncoated virgin (non-recycled) printing and office paper uses 24 trees

Some details

  • 40 cartons of paper = 1 ton
  • Our 1 pallet size = 20 cartons or ½ ton
  • Each carton = 10 reams of paper
  • Each ream = 500 sheets
  • 1 box of paper (10 reams)= $30.00  

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Source for tree use statistics: Conservatree Tree Use Stats

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