Policies, standards & procedures for data & computing

UMass policies

The University of Massachusetts is governed by a set of policies and standards that define proper procedures in areas that affect faculty, staff, students, and, in some cases, others affiliated with the university, such as consultants.  

The UMass Board of Trustees issues the policies that govern the university. The President of UMass then issues university standards. These standards are designed to achieve the requirements of university policies by establishing specific criteria that must be met in campus procedures.

Each campus develops procedures for implementing UMass policies and standards. Campus procedures are designed to comply with the requirements of university standards by establishing specific criteria that must be met by UMass students, staff, consultants, etc.

-- Adapted from: UMass Standards, Policies and Procedures

UMass data and computing policies and standards set directions and standards for the use of the university-wide information technology infrastructure. They:

  • support a broad institutional commitment to responsible access to quality
  • define terms and parameters
  • inform users and providers of their rights and responsibilities
  • assume accountability
  • contain a means for due process

These system-wide policies and standards for data and computing are available at:

UMass Dartmouth policies

As UMass Dartmouth's information technology department, CITS also has campus-specific policies to meet legal and ethical requirements. All computer users should make themselves aware of the responsibilities related to computing and information technology services.