Getting Connected to VCL

Virtual Computing Lab

System Hours:

The Virtual Computing Lab is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system may be unavailable for maintenance during some weekends.

Instructions for Connecting the VCL

  • You must have an active UMassD logon.
  • You may need to download a Remote Desktop Client. For details, please see Getting Started page.
  • If you are not already authenticated, you will be prompted to enter your UMassD Logon information.
  • Select either a new session or current reservation.
  • Select the time you would like to start the reservation, for an immediate session select 'Now' otherwise select the day and time of your requested reservation.
  • Select the duration of your reservation, by default the initial duration is 1 hour but can be extended up to 4 hours.
    • Please note: Reservations are held for 15 minutes. If you do not login into the VCL within 15 minutes of the start of your reservation, it will automatically be canceled.
  • Click ‘Create’ to initiate your request.
  • If you have made a reservation for the future, you may logout and return to the VCL page at the time of your reservation. However, if you selected ‘Now’ you will be taken to the Current reservations page. Here you will see a building message while the assigned virtual computer is being prepared.
  • Once ready, a 'Connect' button will appear.
  • After clicking Connect, you will see the details of your requested environment.
  • Click ‘Get RDP File’ or, if prompted, manually configure your RDP client.
  • You will be prompted to open/save the file to your local computer.
  • Log in to the virtual machine with your UMassD logon.
  • Please be sure to logout of the virtual computer and VCL when you are done.