Advisory Board

The Center for Marketing Research is linked to the business community through its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is composed of individuals appointed by the Director. Appointment is based on demonstrated or potential contribution to the Center and achievement of its goals.

The primary purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide advice, guidance and direction to the Director of the Center for Marketing Research. The members of the Board act as liaison between the Center and business community. In doing so, the Advisory Board focuses on all aspects of the Center including: identifying opportunities for the program, helping to leverage its strengths, raising the visibility of the Center and generally providing guidance to help the Center make appropriate decisions from the perspective of the business community.

The full Board meets quarterly on dates and at times set at the beginning of each academic year. The full Board, or committees of the Board, may meet at additional times as deemed appropriate. Seven business associates joined the Center in 2000 shortly after its Kick-Off Breakfast. The Board has now grown to 24 business members.

The Advisory Board is unique in that its members include the Chambers of Commerce and CEO's of local, regional, national and international business and the UMassD Assistant Director of Economic Development.

CMR Executive Board

Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D
Chancellor Professor of Marketing and Director, CMR

Shannen Pavao, MBA
Research Associate/Associate Director, CMR

James Mathes
Development Director
Dennison Memorial Community Center

CMR Advisory Board Members

Nora Ganim Barnes Ph.D Center for Marketing Research Director
Shannen Pavao Center for Marketing Research Research Associate/Associate Director
Kevin Harris Acushnet Company VP of Product Engineering Research & Development
Andrea A. Rodrigues BankFive Assistant VP, Marketing Manager Advertising
Nicole Almeida BayCoast Bank Sr. VP/Chief Marketing Officer
Jennifer Menard Bristol Community College Dean of Grants Development
Jack Silva Bristol County Savings Bank Vice President
Rhonda Veugen Buzzards Bay Coalition VP of Engagement
Helene Sousa Colonial Wholesale Beverage Vice President
Stephen Byron Dartmouth Mall General Manager
Beth Zager Dartmouth Mall Assistant Regional Marketing
James Mathes (Chair) Dennison Memorial Community Center President & CEO
Melanie Gouveia First Citizens' Digital Marketing Manager
Lisa Strattan (Vice-Chair) Gatehouse Media New England Publisher, SoutCoast Division, Gatehouse Media New England
Paul C. Burke  LIA CIC CRM Hadley Insurit Broker/Principal
George Sadler HarborOne Bank VP Commerial Re Lending
Berta Varao New Bedford Credit Union Executive Vice President Operations & Administration
Timothy R. Branco New England Media President
David Slutz Potentia Business Solutions LLC Managing Director
Cassandra Doherty Precix Sr. Sales & Marketing
Rick Kidder SouthCoast Chamber President
Traci McNeil Southcoast Health System Marketing Manager
Edward Kedzierski SouthCoast Media Group Advertising and Digital Marketing Manager
Kelly M. Baldwin St. Anne's Credit Union Marketing & CRA Officer 
Jack Lank United Regional Chamber President
Monte Ferris Venus de Milo President & Owner
Kate Levin YMCA SouthCoast Membership & Marketing Director