Thank you Corsair Challenge donors

Corsair Challenge: 1,895 minutes to give to what you love at UMassD

Thank you to our generous donors, friends, families, students, faculty and staff for supporting UMass Dartmouth's first-ever Corsair Challenge! In 1,895 minutes, we raised a total of over $120,000 from 1,200+ donors for UMassD. A special challenge for UMassD athletics teams raised over $26,000 from 900+ donors. 

...All in less than two days!

We surpassed our goals and met each challenge, earning extra funds for specific areas of UMassD:

  • Parent/family donors earned $5,000 for UMassD's greatest needs
  • Donors to Corsair football won an extra $10,000 to UMassD's football program
  • Over $1,000 in gifts to the College of Engineering won an extra $5,000 to the COE
  • 50 donors to College of Engineering won an additional $6,000 to the COE
  • ...stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enter gifts!

Special thanks to the UMass Dartmouth Alumni Association for their total match of $30,000 to the Corsair Challenge.

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