Counseling Center Groups

No groups are currently running for Spring 2017, but you can always email us or speak with your therapist if you have a suggestion for a new group topic. 


Groups are determined based on student interest. We are open to suggestions for new groups. Groups run on the basis of availability and amount of interested students and available Counseling Center staff.

If you are interested in a group, please contact the Counseling Center within the first 3 weeks of the semester. 


Examples of groups run in previous years:

General Process Group

            These groups are open to any student, regardless of their concerns. Topics vary based on student need.

Loss/Grief Group

           This group is open to anyone dealing with grief or loss of a loved one. 

 Over 25 Group

            This is a process therapy group for grad students and undergrads over the age of 25.   You need to meet with a counselor for an intake before joining the group.     



No workshops are currently running at the Counseling Center for Spring 2017. Staff, faculity, and student groups are encouraged to contact the Counseling Center with requests for specific workshops. We can accommodate most requests.


Previous Workshops include



Reducing Anxiety

Test Anxiety/Stress Management




For further information please contact Carol Olancin at the UMass Dartmouth Counseling Center, Auditorium Annex, Room 101 or call 508 -999-8648/8650 or email