AED 411: Practicum/Seminar - Elem

Prerequisite: AED 200, 215, 300, 310, 405

General Education requirement: 5A - Capstone Study

In this practicum experience, teaching licensure candidates are assigned to a school where they work with and are supported by a Supervising Practitioner. Under supervision of an assigned university instructor (Program Supervisor), the student conducts art experiences under actual classroom conditions including teaching and classroom management responsibilities. This practicum is a fifteen-week, full-time classroom experience at the elementary level PreK-8. A weekly seminar at the University provides opportunity for the student teacher to share insights and concerns. Students seeking careers other than teaching take this course but are placed in a non-school setting and do not qualify for state licensure.

2021 Spring
7673 01 Seminar 12 12.00
MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 4:00 PM EST 6:50 PM EST Synchronous Online
Instructor: Cathy Smilan Class status:
Prerequisite: AED 200, 215, 300, 310, 405
Non-Enrollment Section
Class instruction mode: On-Line

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