CIS 361: Models of Computation

Prereqs: CIS 181;C or Better and MTH 182

General Education requirement: Natural Science Technology

Models of sequential, parallel, and distributed computations. The Chomsky hierarchy of formal languages and their accepting machines are studied in detail. The relationship of these languages and machines to computer programs is presented. Influence of a Turing machine and related formalisms on modern computing are studied. Decidability of decision problems is explained. Several models of parallel and distributed computations are introduced and compared.

2021 Spring
7290 01 Lecture 60 3.00
MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 12:00 PM EST 12:50 PM EST Synchronous Online
Instructor: Ming Shao Class status:
Prereqs: CIS 181;C or Better and MTH 182
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