ENL 510: Thesis Research

Prerequisite: Matriculated Grad Students

Principles of research, writing the thesis/project proposal, and initial thesis/project drafting. The course explores primary and secondary research methods. Course content includes in-depth and formal interviewing techniques, principles of field observation, content analysis, literature reviews, electronic data searches, historical analysis, focus groups, case studies, questionnaire design, use and abuse of statistical inquiry, fundamentals of logic and causation, and philosophical inquiry into qualitative and quantitative research perspectives. The course places major emphasis on how to write a proposal and thesis/project aimed at eventual publication.

2021 Spring
6563 01 Lecture 15 3.00
MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 5:00 PM EST 7:30 PM EST Synchronous Online
Instructor: Katherine DeLuca Class status:
Prerequisite: Matriculated Grad Students
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