FRN 204: French Lit in Translation

Prerequisite: ENL102

General Education requirement: 3A- Literature

Important works of French literature in translation readings, lectures and discussions in English. No knowledge of the French language is required. Topics will vary; check with instructor listed in COIN for current topic. Past topics have included: Bestsellers vs. Classics in French Literature, Princesses, Harlots, Saints: Women in French Literature, Not All Black and White: Cross-Racial Desire in French Restoration Fiction. Upcoming topics likely to include: Music with Words: French Poetry from the Middle Ages to the Present, World War II in French Film and Literature.

2021 Spring
6727 01H Lecture 20 3.00
MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 9:30 AM EST 10:45 AM EST Synchronous Online
Instructor: Stephanie O'Hara Class status:
Prerequisite: ENL102
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