HST 314: History of Urban America

Prerequisite: Course not open to Freshmen

General Education requirement: Cultural & Artistic/Diversity

Examines the history of the American city - its people, its culture, and its politics. The course examines why cities look the way they do, and why cities are disproportionately poor and minority, while suburbs are not. Students consider such questions as: Are cities are in crisis? Can - and should - they be saved? The course looks at why cities are the way they are, and whether they still matter in an increasingly suburban nation. The course will also consider how these larger issues apply to nearby cities, such as New Bedford, Fall River, and Providence. Cross-listed as PST 369.

2023 Spring
12077 01 Lecture 25 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 2:00 PM EDT 3:15 PM EDT Liberal Arts 109
Instructor: Mark Santow Class status:
Prerequisite: Course not open to Freshmen
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Class instruction mode: In Person