HST 316: Gender Medieval&Early Mod Euro

Prerequisite: Course not open to Freshmen

General Education requirement: Cultural & Artistic Literacy

How pre-modern European societies understood, represented, and enforced gender difference. A wide variety of source material - saints' lives and marriage contracts, sermons and law codes, guides for witch hunters and aristocratic portraits, medical treatises and mystical poetry - will be used to explore the changing answers to two basic questions: what makes a person a woman or a man, and how does this gender identity affect their lives in the world. Course content will move from the waning days of the Roman Empire through the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Reform. Cross-listed as WMS 316.

2023 Spring
12076 01 Lecture 25 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1:00 PM EDT 1:50 PM EDT Liberal Arts 107
Instructor: Matthew Sneider Class status:
Prerequisite: Course not open to Freshmen
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