IAD 107: CAD: Architectural Drawings

Prerequisite: IAD 103 (Drafting)

This course is an introduction to the principles of residential construction and the methods of detailing. Students learn how to create drawing types, i.e. floor plans, elevations, sections, using AutoCad, Architectural Desktop and Revit. Finally they produce and plot a set of construction documents. Students learn accepted architectural drawing symbols, terminology, and drafting methods. In the second half of the semester they also apply their CAD skills on a studio project (IAD 201: Studio II - Residential). Notes: Workload per week: one hour of lecture, five hours of studio and nine hours of homework. Prerequisite: IAD 100.

Course information

3.00 credits
Section 01: Undergraduate Studio
Class: #13402

Tue, Jan 21, 2020 - Wed, Apr 29, 2020


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