LAW 708: Human Rights at Home Clinic

Prerequisite: 30 units completed; Pre- or Co-requisite: Law 525 or having passed the MPRE with a minimum score of 85. Students who have taken Law 576 evidence or Law 620 trial practice may qualify for student practice licensing under MA Rule 3:03

The clinic is a one semester experience. Students will serve the needs of local residents and beyond. Clinic work will be varied, permitting the flexibility to meet a range of community concerns. Examples of possible projects are serving domestic violence survivors, those who are incarcerated, war veterans, and others whose fundamental needs are unmet. In addition, students may address research and policy needs as they arise. Each semester's projects will be announced at the beginning of registration. There will be a 110 minute weekly class for three credits and 220 minute weekly seminar for a six credit clinic. Depending upon availability, students may repeat the experience as advanced clinic students. Some of the classes may be condensed into a boot camp experience.

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