MAR 562: Satellite Oceanography

Provides an overview of the use of satellite-based remote sensing for making measurements within the marine environment. Each of the primary satellite sensors used by oceanographers is introduced along with the principles behind their operation, measurement retrieval, data handling, and data interpretation/usage. Emphasis is placed on physical and biogeochemical applications of satellite-based data, along with their analysis and advantages, rather than engineering and physical/optical theory of measurement. This course relies heavily on outside readings from the primary oceanographic literature to showcase satellite data analysis and specific applications of these data types. Included in the course are a series of student-led presentations and discussions of assigned class readings and a possible class project utilizing a satellite-derived data set and data processing techniques.

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3.00 credits
Section 01: Graduate Lecture

Location: SMASTE-247

Class: #14980

Wed, Sep 2, 2020 - Tue, Dec 8, 2020


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