SOA 315: Health and Healing - fall

Prerequisite: At least Sophomore standing

General Education requirement: Global Awareness

Exploration of how culture and systems of social inequality shape health and health care practices in different societies around the world. The course examines cultural concepts of health, illness, and healing; the nature of the therapeutic encounter; and the impact of differences in wealth, race, gender on health and access to health care. This course is especially relevant for students pursuing careers in health and social service fields and who are interested in understanding culture and cultural diversity.

2023 Fall
13140 01 Lecture 30 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 12:30 PM EST 1:45 PM EST Liberal Arts 118
Instructor: Kathryn Caldera Class status:
Prerequisite: At least Sophomore standing
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Class instruction mode: In Person