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COVID-19 Testing Information

All students who live on campus or have at least one face-to-face course on campus are required to be tested for COVID-19 weekly. Schedule your appointment through the UMass Dartmouth Health Services Patient Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions - Student Financial Info for spring 2021

Will tuition and fees be adjusted?

Tuition and fee charges will not be adjusted for spring 2021. There is no doubt that your college experience looks different than normal, but the costs associated with that experience, such as paying faculty, advisors, and academic support staff remain unchanged. Tuition and fees are set by the UMass Board of Trustees. There is a tuition freeze for in-state undergraduate students for Academic Year 2020-2021. Tuition costs are not differentiated based on the mode of instruction. Courses offered remotely are of the same rigor and quality, taught by the same outstanding UMass Dartmouth faculty. The cost to provide instruction does not change based on the mode of instruction. In some cases, the cost of providing remote instruction is higher than in person because of the technological resources required. Students are provided the same resources and support services, such as the Academic Resource Center and academic advising, tutoring, library, language labs, writing, and technology supports regardless of modality. The graduation fee will not be adjusted, as these funds have been allocated to support the virtual commencement ceremony as well as an in-person campus celebration which will be scheduled as soon as it is safe to do so.

How do I review my balance and remit my payment?

The University uses a real-time/on demand statement system that will allow you to print a statement anytime. We are no longer generating PDF billing statements. Students will continue to receive payment reminder emails on the 5th of every month. Students and parents can review charges and credits directly in COIN/Student Center. As the University’s preferred payment method is echeck through COIN/Student Center, a bill is not necessary to remit payment for the balance due. To pay by electronic check: log into your COIN Student Center. Click on Finance Center and select the Make Payment tab.

Parents are reminded that students grant Authorized User access for specified functions to parents, guardians, spouses or other trusted individuals within COIN. These functions include viewing student invoices, making a payment, and joining the payment plan, as well as other student records activities such as viewing grades. For more information, please refer to the Help tab on the portal homepage under "Coin for Students" or visit the COIN access website.

When is my balance due?

The University’s spring term payment due date is February 1, 2021. The University will continue to send payment reminder emails to students on the 5th of every month, and payment for new charges is expected by the first of the following month. More information on remitting payment to the University can be found on the Bursar website.

How do I get a refund?

Students with a credit balance when Title IV financial aid posts later in mid-February will automatically receive a refund. Students with a credit due to direct payments paid through COIN or through the payment plan can reach out to the Bursar’s Office to discuss the credit balance. All students are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit via COIN to ensure receipt of a credit balance refund as quickly as possible. Any credit balance refunds sent via paper check will be mailed to the student’s permanent address displayed in COIN and students should allow 15-20 days to receive a paper check once processed. Students are urged to ensure that the permanent address on COIN is current and accurate. Students who still owe a balance to the University will continue to receive payment reminder emails.

Will my financial aid award change?

Financial Aid awards are based on many factors, which includes housing. Students who have a housing change for spring may receive an updated financial aid award which could include revisions to institutional aid. Students who have a change will receive an updated award letter. Changes can also be viewed within your COIN account.

What’s the best way to ask more questions?

All UMassD offices are available to assist you; some offices are working in a virtual capacity while others may have staff available on campus. Please check in advance to determine the status of the office you need to contact. We ask for your continued patience as we work to try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible. If you have further questions, we strongly recommend that you reach out to us via email:


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