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Facility Preparation and Supplies

  • Classroom occupancy and spacing (in partnership with Registrar)
  • Library (main campus and Law School)
  • Cafeteria
  • Cleaning
  • Face Masks
  • Sanitization supplies conduct daily cleaning and disinfection of site (at least daily, and more frequently, if feasible)

Facility Preparation and Supplies Report

Working group


David Gingerella – Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance


Dawn Gross – Interim Dean, Library
Raymond Laoulache – Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Staff Members

Amy Pacheco – Safety Specialist
Doreen Arruda – Senior Administrative Assistant, Facilities Management
Emil Fioravanti – Chief of Police
Jessica Fernandes Gomes – Star Store Campus Coordinator
Manny Luis – Supervisor of Janitors
Michael LaGrassa – Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Suvinda Govindraj – IT Service Center Technician
Suzanne Audet – Controller

Faculty Members

Andrew Revell – Associate Professor, Psychology
Soheil Sibdari – Associate Professor, Decision & Information Sciences
Zhaojin Xu – Associate Professor, Accounting & Finance


Elizabeth Anusauskas
Jacob Kress


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