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Lab and Research

Custom Lab/Research/Studio plans for assets at UMass Dartmouth have been developed to comply with Massachusetts Safety Standards for Laboratories so as to enable activities that are currently allowed by the State Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces for the laboratory sector until those standards are rescinded or amended by the State. Each laboratory and studio must meet specific safety:

  • Social Distancing,
  • Hygiene Protocols,
  • Staffing and Operations, and
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting. 

Lab and Research Report

Working group


Alex Fowler – Associate Provost for Research & Economic Development


Karen Barnett – Assistant Dean, College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Pauline Entin – Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Steven Lohrenz – Dean, School for Marine Science & Technology

Staff Members

Andrew Darling – Director, CITS / IT Infrastructure
Andrew Karberg – Director of Research Compliance
Annmarie Currie – Senior Budget Analyst
Joy Miller – Professional Technician, Art & Design
Peter Duffy – Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management
Shingo Furukawa – Professional Technician, College of Visual & Performing Arts

Faculty Members

John Buck – Chancellor Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Kristen Sethares – Professor, Nursing & Health Sciences

Maria Dolce – Associate Professor, Nursing & Health Sciences

Mark Altabet – Professor, Estuarine & Ocean Sciences

Pia Moisander – Associate Professor, Biology

Ronald Sherwin – Associate Professor, Music

Sigal Gottlieb – Chancellor Professor, Mathematics


Zemen Berhe


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