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Onsite Learning with Social Distancing

  • Identifying courses where in-person instruction is essential (leading to the identification of students who will be on campus so de-densification scenarios can be developed and course offerings and modalities can be finalized). 
  • Developing recommendations for Online/Blended Learning working groups for training and assisting faculty this summer in structuring their courses for remote, blended and in-person delivery in the fall.
  • Identifying the technology needs for each mode of instructional delivery and identify technology needs for students for effective learning.
  • Identifying impact on undergraduate and graduate education and curriculum approaches to providing a high-quality educational experience.

Onsite Learning with Social Distancing

Working group


Ramprasad Balasubramanian – Associate Provost for Decision Support & Strategic Initiatives / Director of Marine & Undersea Technology Research Program

Provost’s Office

Magali Carrera – Vice Provost


A. Lawrence Jenkens – Dean. College of Visual & Performing Arts
Jean VanderGheynst – Dean, College of Engineering
Kimberly Christopher – Dean, College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Staff Members

Audra Callahan – University Registrar
Craig Elkins – Director, College Now / Start Program
Holger Dippel – CIO & Associate Vice Chancellor for IT
Jeffrey Louro – Director, Facilities
Joseph Raposa – Assistant Director, Facilities
Susan Amatrudo – Associate Vice Chancellor Administration & Finance / Internal Budget

Faculty Members

Anna Dempsey – Professor / Chairperson, Art Education, Art History & Media Studies
Erin Bromage – Associate Professor, Biology
Hilary Kraus – Associate Librarian
Karen Gulbrandsen – Associate Professor, English & Communication
Kellyann Kowalski – Associate Professor, Management & Marketing
Robert Fisher – Associate Professor, Physics
Wayne LeBlanc – Professional Technician, Medical Laboratory Science


Alex Fossel
Daniel Figueroa


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