Brendon Jones

Art + Design: Graphic Design

Bolts Slice Tee Mockup, 2021

About Brendon Jones

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Brendon Jones is Mixed Media artist, who specializes in Graphic Design, and Branding Identity. Drawn to Logo Design, Digital Design, Photography, Typography, and repeat patterns, Brendon loves to translate his ideas from page, into the digital world. He believes in the power that art and design holds, and cannot bring himself to using only one medium in his studio. Brendon has studied as an undergraduate at Fitchuburg State, and the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA), and holds three Scholastic Art Awards for his Photography and Digital Arts. Brendon will receive his BFA at UMass Dartmouth in Spring of 2021.


Graphic Design and streetwear fashion have long gone tandem in branding identity. As someone who personally likes to express their interests through their graphic clothing, the graphic t-shirts we put on every day tell us a lot about each other, and help give us a sense of our common interests. For my capstone, I designed a series of clothing articles under my own brand name, branded towards those who enjoy skateboarding. The goal of my project is to design something new and exciting for the skateboarding community, while learning what it takes to create a brand.



Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions