Brooke Hanson

Art + Design: Graphic Design

Brooke Hanson portrait


Brooke Hanson will receive her BFA in Graphic Design College of Visual & Performing Arts of UMass Dartmouth, and a minor in Art History. She is keenly interested in various aspects of visual communications, brand identity, print, and web design. Ms. Hanson is excited and eager to begin her professional career as a graphic designer, and utilize her skills acquired at CVPA, in the real world.


The world’s climate crisis is a significant global struggle, primarily due to the immensity of wasted food overloading landfills. Forty percent of all food in the United States goes to waste. Human consumption, or lack thereof, produces more food waste than any other factor of the food chain.

“Resolve” is a brand that utilizes an app design that I have created to combat the food waste epidemic. This application encourages users to reduce food waste on an individual level. The use of simple and interactive elements educating users of human contribution while simultaneously guiding them toward decreasing their waste. The ultimate goal is to spread awareness and provide a solution, through structure and active engagement humans gain control of this planet’s future. 

Included features range from virtual grocery lists and virtual pantry portals, providing users with a more productive shopping experience. These frameworks combat over purchasing and frequent trips to the grocery store, thus saving the user money and time. By directly addressing expiration dates, portion planning, efficient food storage tactics as well as meal preparation options, Resolve is removing stress and providing a solution to food waste.




Resolve Mobile Application Manual, 2020, UX / UI design video description, 2:40


  1. Resolve Mobile Screens, 2020, mobile application screen view, 16.7” X 11”
  2. Resolve’s Welcome Screen, 2020, mobile application welcome screen view, 16.7” X 11”
  3. Various Mobile Resolve Screens, 2020, multiple mobile application screens, 16.7” X 11”
  4. Resolve Application Brochure Manual, 2020, brochure booklet exposing functions of the application, 5.5” X 5.5”
  5. Resolve’s Primary App Function Screens, 2020, poster display of main app features via app screen, 16.7” X 11”
  6. Resolve Application Brochure Manual, 2020, brochure booklet exposing functions of the application–one spread, 5.5” X 5.5”
  7. Resolve Kitchen Assistance, 2020, app guidance in the kitchen via tablet, 16.7” X 11”
  8. Resolve Reusable Grocery Bag, 2020, reusable grocery bag for sustainability purposes, 18” X 22”
  9. Shopping with Resolve, 2020, virtual food shopping assistance, 16.7” X 11”
  10. Floating Resolve Screens, 2020, multi–view of various mobile screens, 16.7” X 11”
  11. Behind the Design, 2020, brand identity & UI/UX elements of the Resolve design, 16.7” X 11”
  12. Resolve Floating Screen View, 2020, various screen designs, 16.7” X 11”

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions