Fernand von Einzbern

Art + Design: Animation + Game Arts

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About Fernand von Einzbern

Fernand Owain von Einzbern has been enrolled in UMass Dartmouth’s Game Arts and Animation program since 2018 after the closure of Mount Ida College his freshman year. Having explored 3D modeling and animation in Autodesk Maya since 2012, Fernand has pursued 2D animation more during his time at the CVPA, finding it far more enjoyable than he initially thought.  


This senior capstone was meant to explore the process of traditional 2D animation done on paper, something that is considered a dying art in the western world. Because of this, my project was based on the production pipeline of anime, as it’s the most common type of 2D animation still done on paper today. Extensive research on the anime industry and how anime is made was necessary, but as a result the process of making this animation has helped me to better understand what exactly sets anime apart from western animation. The setting of the animation is a school of magic in Britain, called the Royal Academy for Modern Thaumaturgy. The top students Leif Sigurðrson and Solomon Van Rijn partake in a magic duel to settle their debate on who deserves to be the top ranked magus. The battle is done without supervision, prompting them to be punished by their professor, Amelia.


Email: fernandsart@gmail.com
Website: fernandeinzbern.artstation.com

Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions