Josh Grabauskas

Art + Design: Illustration


Joshua Grabauskas is an illustrator, aspiring muralist and designer with a passion for exciting colors, textures, the bizarre and the beautiful. He draws inspiration from many influences such as animation, street art, science fiction, nature, spirituality and counterculture. This young artist is hoping to leave his mark by expanding into murals, clothing design, game art, and continue to work with musicians to create visuals for sounds he is inspired by.


My work has never been about one thing. I’ve struggled for an artistic identity, something that ties it all together for the viewer. They say it’s good to be able to wear many hats. So with this body of work I’m chasing a desire to be seen. A clothing line for individuals with similar curiosities and aesthetics as I. A vague spiritual journey containing artifacts from a unfamiliar land and a unspecified time. I find myself entranced by the history and legends of ancient civilizations. The architecture and designs of lost cultures ignite my imagination and deep desire to see the magic in the mundane. I love stories of quests and difficult journeys. Something grand and mystical of great importance. These interests can add light to what can be a difficult time, to instill a sense of purpose when life can seem so directionless.  

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions