Kat Cope, Printmaking MFA 2009, receives fellowship

Work by Kat Cope

Mary E. Woolley Fellowship Recipient

Kat Cope

Kat was awarded the Mary E. Woolley Fellowship through her undergraduate Alma mater, Mount Holyoke College. This Fellowship is open to all fields of study and research. One winner is selected each calendar year.

The funding received will be used to create a sculptural installation of 65 to 70 pieces of armor made of paper, including cut plated paper doll dresses, chain mail, cast paper breast plates, kilts, and helmets. Paper is a material that can be made incredibly strong, but also can be delicate and vulnerable like layers of skin. The paper doll dresses are cut from fragments of found materials and relate to memories from childhood, but also larger universal themes of memory. The armor represents how through experiences, moments, fragments in our lives we learn how to defend ourselves from harm both mental and physical.‌

Kat Cope ’03: Molds Memory into Armor

Website: Kat Cope


Alumni, College of Visual and Performing Arts