Reed Dusseault

Art + Design: Graphic Design


Reed Dusseault is a New England based visual designer specializing in identity design, image-making, and typography. His work combines aspects of digital and traditional design. Reed utilizes digital color, imagery and typography while integrating handmade elements by use of line work and texture. He earned a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and works as a freelance designer in the Cape Cod, MA area.


My project is based on and dedicated to skateboarding. The focus is on the culture of skateboarding and its relation to location and the people that make up the skater community. My goal was to create a brand that embodies the New Bedford skate scene, while also fulfilling a life-long desire of mine to contribute my own artistic identity to skateboard design. I’ve been able to reflect on how skateboarding has influenced my personality, interests, and understanding of community, as well as giving it credit to leading me into studying graphic design. The work I’ve done is a celebration of self-discovery and the feeling of belonging to a community.



Fluke Skateboards Spots Series


  1. Logo, 2020, Fluke skateboards brand logo and series tagline, 4" x 3”
  2. Fluke Skateboards Spots series, 2020, Complete four part skateboard series based on New Bedford’s Underpass Skatepark, 8" x 32” each.
  3. Board graphic (detail), 2020, Detail view mockup of a board from the Spots series, 8" x 32”
  4. Board graphic (detail), 2020, Detail view mockup of a board from the Spots series, 8" x 32”
  5. Used board graphic (detail), 2020, Detail view mockup of a used board from the Spots series, 8" x 32”
  6. Series T-Shirt with hang tag, 2020, Mockup of a Fluke Skateboards t-shirt with a hang tag, size medium
  7. Series hoodie, 2020, Mockup of a Fluke Skateboards hoodie, size large
  8. Fluke Skateboards series/background poster, 2020, Fluke Skateboards poster featuring the Spots series and the origin story of the Underpass skatepark, 22" x 34”
  9. Fluke Skateboards poster, 2020, Fluke Skateboards poster, 34" x 22”

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions