Rivka Lipschitz

Art + Design: Graphic Design

Image 1
David Lipschitz, 2020, Logo, 11” x 16”


My name is Rivka Lipschitz and I am a graduating senior of Graphic Design at the University of MA, Dartmouth.

Image 2
David Lipschitz, 2020, Print Collateral, 11” x 16”


I have designed a brand and website for my father's Safrus business, which is a form of holy Jewish calligraphy. The idea was to take the ancient and make it modern. The brand is inspired by his artwork, by the city where my father mastered the skill, and by my fathers' personality. The website is live and functioning as a space for potential customers to not only find available products and services, but to learn about the art of Safrus, and about my father's specific and unique style of writing. 

Within Safrus, a big piece of the work is following the strict and ancient guidelines followed by the Jewish people for centuries. My father's competition have not put themselves forward in the digital world, and therefore I am excited to have launched the easy-to-use resource for clients who could be found all over the world.

The full live website can be found at: www.davidlipschitz.com


Email: Hello@rivkalipschitz.design 
Website: rivkalipschitz.design

Image 3
David Lipschitz, 2020, Business Card, 11” x 16”
David Lipschitz, 2020, davidlipschitz.com, 11” x 16”
Image 5
David Lipschitz, 2020, Products and Services Icons, 11” x 16”
Image 6
David Lipschitz, 2020, Map, 11” x 16”
Image 7
David Lipschitz, 2020, Letter Build, 11” x 16”
Image 8
David Lipschitz, 2020, Letter Anatomy, 11” x 16”
Image 9
David Lipschitz, 2020, Font Styles Alef, 11” x 16”
Image 10
David Lipschitz, 2020, Letters, 11” x 16”

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions