Art History at the City Museum of Ljubljana:

Mapping & Archiving Public Spaces, February 21-22, 2018 - City Museum of Ljubljana

Keynote speakers at City Museum at Ljubljana
Professor Pamela Karimi, architect Michiel van Lersel, philosopher Alexei Monroe, and Maroje Mrduljaš (editor of Oris magazine).

Later this month Associate Professor Pamela Karimi of Art Education, Art History and Media Studies Department will deliver a keynote at the “Nonument” symposium in the City Museum of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The symposium is part of a broader and ongoing research project concerning mapping and archiving public spaces and it involves artists, architects, philosophers, and cultural critics. The two day symposium is about (non)monuments and public spaces in Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the US and the Middle East. Specifically the symposium addresses monuments and public spaces that have undergone a shift in their symbolic connotations or have been removed or destroyed as a result of political or and social turmoil.

Professor Karimi will offer her keynote among an international array of speakers, including philosopher Alexei Monroe, architect Michiel van Lersel, Maroje Mrduljaš (editor of Oris magazine), and Kaja Širok (director of the National Museum of Contemporary History).

Professor Karimi’s talk is concerning the role of monuments and “nonuments” in the Middle East.

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