Visual Resource Center (VRC) Digital Image and Media Repository for UMass Dartmouth

Visual Resource Center



 Visual Resource Center

Visual Resource Center houses and maintains one of the largest digital repository on campus. VRC's mission is to support education and research by supplying high quality digital image and multimedia content for classroom instruction and presentation.

Originally part of the University Library, the Visual Resource Center's transition to the College of Visual and Performing Arts occured in mid 1990's and is now under the direction of the Art History Department. 

Although the original collection included glass lantern slides and 35mm slides (both obsolete), today the collection comprises of more than 300,000 high quality digital image and multimedia resources.

Visual Resource Center staff offers assistance in all aspects of production and using digital media for classroom instruction and presentation. In addition the Visual Resource Center provides digital production for new and traditional media including slides, video and audio materials. We can also assist with navigating the media rights and reproduction for faculty publication.