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Digital Curation

In response to the growing demands for digital image content and the rapid changes in photographic technology, the Visual Resource Center began, in 2005, a five-year initiative to transform its slide library to a digital repository.

Thanks to the support of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, CPVA, Library and CITS, and in particular, grants from the Subcommittee on Academic Technology and the Universities of Massachusetts President's Office, VRC is approaching the final stages of this endeavor.

Plan Overview

The digital initiative comprises of five implementation phases. First and second phases were dedicated to the creation of the structural, descriptive, and administrative metadata guidelines and the establishment of best practices for digital capture. The third phase was the selection of database application, the construction of the database, and the development of the catalog and lexicon protocols. 

The final phase was devoted to the development and implementation of a user interface allowing faculty and students 24/7 remote access to the digital database system, completed in 2009.

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