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Visual Resource Center

Visual Resource Center

Whether you graduated from Southeastern Massachusetts University, Swain School of Design or University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, you are member of proud and talented worldwide community of artists. To honor and support this common legacy, the College of Visual and Performing Arts developed an online database system that showcases works of alumni artists. 

We invite you to submit your work. SUBMIT NOW!


File Names Convention:

  • To name your image/media files begin with the year of graduation, followed by your first initial and last name, followed by underscore and the title of work, and followed by a three digit number. Ex: 12acywin_untitled_001
  • Use lowercase letters and numbers
  • Do not include spaces, symbols, caps, or punctuation
  • Do not exceed twenty-four characters

Digital File Recommendations:


  • Size: minimum 3,000 pixels (longest dimension)
  • Minimum Resolution: 600
  • File Format:  Uncompressed Tiff
  • File Size: Maxium 100MB


  • Surrogate File: .flv, .mp4 or .mov formats (maxium size 350MB)

PLEASE NOTE: Multimedia & Image Files exceeding 100MB must be submitted via a DVD. (Please complete form, but burn media to a DVD and deliver the DVD  to the VRC, CVPA, Room 253.)

Assistance contact Allison Cywin at 508-999-8701 or email.