Active Bystanders Care


The Active Bystanders Care Program provides leadership and effective helping skills for students to actively intervene in situations where sexual violence (sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking) may occur. This program focuses on three techniques for active intervention in these situations. These techniques are the 3 D’s: Distract, Delegate, and Direct. Through the program training, participants will be able to increase their own, as well as their peers, motivation to intervene and ensure the safety and well being of themselves and others, while raising awareness of sexual violence.  The focus of this program is to shift the spotlight from victims and perpetrators to the development of skills to do effective bystander intervention.


Direct. Distract. Delegate.


Direct: Approach the situation.

Example: Approach the situation one on one this could be by simply saying something or taking action
and removing someone from the situation by asking them to their friend is looking for them and that
you'll bring them to the friend.  

Distract: Create a distraction!

Example: Draw attention to yourself this could be from simply spilling something on yourself and asking someone in the situation to help.

Delegate: Seek assistance from others (friends, authority figures, etc.)

Example: Gather your friends and make a team effort to do something or calling for some outside help.