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Where can I find gender inclusive restrooms?

As of this date, we have 62 all gender bathrooms throughout campus.   All Gender Bathrooms

Coin Name Change

Prior to legally changing your name, you may change your primary name to your preferred name in COIN. This will place your preferred name on course rosters and on your degree, if you choose. To change your name in COIN:

  • Log into the UMassD portal.
  • Click on "COIN for Students," and log into COIN.
  • On the top tabs, select "Self Service."
  • Pick "Campus Personal Information" and then "Names."  There will be an edit button next to your preferred name. Edit it here and click SAVE.

Click here for a visual presentation of this information.

UMass Pass Name Change

Prior to legally changing your name, you can change your FIRST name on your UMass Pass. You can download the UMass Pass Name Change Form and email the form to  Grace Travassos at, or you may pick one up at the UMass Pass office located in the campus center. To set up a private appointment please call Grace at 508-999-8134.

UMass Pass Name Change Form_2021

Alias Name Change

An alias is an alternate identifier that commonly follows a firstname.lastname convention, such as mary.smith. You can use it to more clearly identify yourself in email, especially if you feel that your UMassD Logon doesn't specifically identify you to email senders and receivers. For trans students, an alias can be used to alter your first name without a legal name change. To set up an alias: 

  • Go to, on the sidebar, select the "email" tab.
  • From the drop down menu, select "create an alias." 
  • Under the header titles "How does an alias affect email services?" click on the self service link. 
  • Log in to the system using your UMassD log in information. 
  • On the next screen you may select a suggested alias or create your own custom alias.
  • Select the "yes" bubble under "Use your UMassD alias for:"
  • Hit Validate to save changes. 
  • Verify changes on the next screen, re-enter your password, and select all boxes under "University Policy." 
  • Submit your alias.

Once your email alias has been established, you may request your email "display name" be update as well. Please open an Access Management case at

Library Name Change

UMD Library patrons can request a preferred name by emailing from thier account. For more complete information, please follow this link:

Gender-inclusive Housing 

Gender-inclusive housing is a suite of rooms in which assignments are not determined by biological sex. This is often seen as a "safe space" for students who feel more comfortable living with students of a different biological sex, trans students, or students interested in social justice issues involving gender. Please note that students must actively choose to live in this community. Any questions or interest in gender inclusive housing options can be directed to our Assistant Director for Housing Administrative Services, Brad Rohrer, at 

How To Receive a Legal Name Change in Massachusetts

The Human Rights Clinic at UMass School of Law can help students with legal name changes. Click here for details: HRH Clinic

Where to Go
To file for a legal name change, you need to go to the office of the Register of Probate in the Probate and Family Court in the county in which you reside.

What You Will Need to Bring
1) A certified copy of your birth certificate
One can be ordered. The cost for the birth certificate is $45, which includes shipping. After the online request form is sent in, instructions will be emailed to you about how to mail in a check or money order. Once payment is received, normal delivery time for the birth certificate is 10-14 business days. For an additional $45, the delivery time is 3-5 days. Click here for options for obtaining your birth certificate in Massachusetts.

2) Previous name change decrees (if any)
If your name has been previously changed by decree of court or at marriage, either a copy of record of birth so amended, a copy of such decree, or a copy of record of marriage must be filed with the application.

3) Name Change Petition Form
This form is available.
The form asks why you are changing your name. You do not have to indicate that you are transgender/transsexual and do not need to be on hormones, to have had gender reassignment/confirmation surgery, or to have a letter from a doctor or therapist. Some people choose to write "common usage," "personal reason," or "it's the name that I use."

As long as you are not changing your name in order to commit fraud, you have the legal right to change your name. A criminal record check will be done for all name-change petitioners over the age of 7 years. If you are denied the right to change your name because of a criminal record, you may wish to contact a lawyer.

The cost to file for a name change is $150, plus a $15 surcharge. Fees may be paid with cash, money order, or personal check. If you receive public benefits, have an income below the poverty line, or otherwise cannot afford $165, you may request that the fee be waived by declaring indigence. The Clerk of the Court can also offer assistance.

The Process
All name change petitions are published in a local newspaper. There is a separate charge for the publication and you can usually choose the paper in which the notice is published. If you have a good reason that the notice should not be published, you can file a motion to waive publication and an affidavit (a sworn statement) stating why you do not wish to have this information published. You may have to appear before a judge to explain your reasons.

Each probate court has a different process for handling name changes. In some courts, you may go before a judge or before a judge's clerk. In other courts, the judge looks at the name change application outside of the petitioner's presence. You may be able to finish everything that day or you may be required to return in about two weeks.

Also GLAD has a pop up ID project. 

Healthcare Options for Trans Students

All UMass Universities offer coverage for gender confirmation surgery and hormones. Go to and click on UMass Dartmouth for further information.


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