Brian Broadrose, PhD

Assistant Professor

Crime & Justice Studies



Liberal Arts 399D


2014Binghamton UniversityPhD




Research interests

  • Archaeology and Inequality
  • Social Justice
  • The Construction of Historical Narratives
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Race/Racism

Select publications

Brian Broadrose (2015).
Manifest Destiny and Anthropological Misappropriation
The American Mosaic: The American Indian Experience

Brian Broadrose (2017).
Memory Spaces and Contested Pasts in the Haudenosaunee Homeland
Between Memory Sites and Memory Networks

Brian Broadrose (2011).
To honor or to Steal: the Colonial Imperative and the misappropriation of American Indian Religions

Brian Broadrose received his PhD in Anthropology (Archaeology) from Binghamton University and is an Assistant Professor in the Crime and Justice Studies Department.  His areas of scholarly focus are archaeology and inequality, social justice, the construction/production of historical narratives, discourse analysis, social movements through art and music, race/racism, and the role of non-Native scholars in disempowering American Indians.  His doctoral thesis critically examined a group of powerful scholars who exclusively created a history of the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) that reflected their own ideologies of American exceptionalism, capitalism, and positive views of assimilation.  His most recent research critically considers the oft repeated claim that the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) were a slave holding society, and his appointment as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the New York Historical Society allowed him to challenge this through archival research.

Currently Broadrose is planning an archaeological field school at a site on campus whereby Natives and non-Natives can work alongside one another; where diverse viewpoints regarding past and present can be articulated and incorporated within new historical narratives.  Such an inclusive, collaborative approach is not unheard of, though still quite rare within the field of archaeology where diversity is sorely lacking.

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