Chandra Orrill

Chandra Orrill

Director, Kaput Center for Research & Innovation in STEM Ed

STEM Education & Teacher Development




Liberal Arts 399L


1993University of AlabamaB.A. - Computer Applications in Music
1996Indiana UniversityInstructional Systems Technology
1999Indiana UniversityInstructional Systems Technology


  • Mathematics Education Ph.D. Courses
  • Middle School Mathematics Content Courses for Teachers
  • Educational Technology
  • Educational Assessment




Research interests

  • Teacher mathematical knowledge
  • Assessment of teacher knowledge
  • Curriculum tools for supporting mathematics learning

Select publications

Orrill, C. H., & Cohen, A. (2016).
Why defining the construct matters: An examination of teacher knowledge using different lenses on one assessment
The Mathematics Enthusiast, 13, 93-110.

Orrill, C. H., & Polly, D. (2016).
Developing teachers’ TPACK for mathematics through professional development: The case of InterMath
In M. Niess, S. Driskell, & K. Hollebrands (Eds.), Handbook of research on transforming mathematics teacher education in the digital age, 443-462.

Orrill, C. H., & Kittleson, J. (2015).
Translating learning into practice: Considering the relationship between teachers’ professional development and teaching
Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 18, 273-297.

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