Deborah Armstrong

Part Time Lecturer

Nursing & Health Sciences / Adult




Dion 318A





This course provides students with foundational knowledge essential to nursing care that maximizes health by guiding adults and older adults through the health care experience. Nursing care is guided by the use of assessment data to determine nursing diagnoses and interventions. Professional role development related to accountability, ethics, and therapeutic alliances is facilitated through discussion. The AACN (2008) Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice guided course development.

Interrelationship of human systems and illness effects on the individual as a whole. Students examine prototypic concepts and patterns related to clinical physiology using current texts and research literature. The pathophysiology of various body processes such as oxygenation, perfusion, digestion, elimination, and defense are considered. Prototypic diseases relative to each system are discussed as well as selected physiologic responses to treatment modalities. The dynamics of stress, ischemia, dyspnea, and pain are presented, Students analyze the physiological problems of clients in depth.

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