Gary Pace

Full Time Lecturer


Curriculum Vitae 



Liberal Arts 396K


1980 University of Kentucky Ph.D.


  • Applied Behavior Analysis

Research interests

  • Antecedent Control Procedures
  • Severe Behavior Disorders
  • Treatment Integrity

Select publications

Pace, G.M., Dunn, E.K., Luiselli, J.K., Cochran, C.R. & Skowron, J (2005).
Antecedent interventions in the management of maladaptive behaviors in a child with brain injury.
Brain Injury, 19, 365-369..

Codding, R.S., Feinberg, A.B., Dunn, E.K. & Pace, G.M. (2005).
Effects of performance feedback on treatment integrity of behavior support plans
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 38, 205-219..

Strohmeier, C., Pace, G.M., & Luiselli, J. (2014).
Brief (test-control) functional analysis and treatment evaluation of aggressive behavior
Behavioral Interventions, 29, 331-338..

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