Jennifer Fugate

Assistant Professor


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)



Liberal Arts 386


1999University of Wisconsin–MadisonB.S. Psychology, Zoology
2008Emory UniversityPh.D. Psychology


  • Social psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Research Methods
  • Statistics
  • Social constructionism


Research interests

  • Language and categorization
  • Emotion
  • Face Perception

Research activities

  • The effect of emotion words on emotion perception
  • The effect of verbal labeling on the categorical perception of emotion
  • Emotion word training and the effects on emotional experience and perception
  • Colors and emojis associated with discrete emotions - Cross-cultural
  • The effect of race words on the categorical perception of race

Select publications

Fugate, J.M.B., Gendron, M., Nakashima, S., & Barrett, L.F. (2017).
Emotion words: Adding face value.

Fugate, J.M.B., Barrett L. (2017).
The Role of Language on the Perception and Experience of Emotion
The Oxford Handbook of Language and Social Psychologoy, 280-294.

Fugate, J.M.B. (2013).
Categorical perception of emotional faces
Emotion Review , 5(1), 84-89.

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