Matthew Hall

Assistant Professor




Liberal Arts 387B


2012UC San DiegoPhD


  • Language & Psycholinguistics
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Statistics


Research interests

  • Sign language
  • Deafness
  • Language & Cognitive development
  • Language evolution & language emergence

Research activities

  • Executive function & implicit learning in d/Deaf children
  • Characterizing d/Deaf children's linguistic input by using Language Access Profiles
  • Language proficiency and psychological outcomes in d/Deaf preschoolers
  • Cognitive & communicative influences on emergent language structure
  • How does social structure Impact language structure?

Select publications

Hall, M. L., Eigsti, I.-M., Bortfeld, H., & Lillo-Martin, D (2017).
Auditory access, language access, & implicit sequence learning in deaf children.
Developmental Science, 10.1111/de.

Hall, M. L., Eigsti, I.-M., Bortfeld, H., & Lillo-Martin, D (2017).
Auditory deprivation doesn’t impair executive function, but language deprivation might: Parent-report evidence from deaf native signing children.
Journal of Deaf Studies & Deaf Education, 22(1), 9-21.

Hall, M. L., Ferreira, V.S., & Mayberry, R. I. (2015).
Syntactic priming in American Sign Language
PLOS One, 10(3), doi:10.137.

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