Marguerite Zarrillo

Marguerite Zarrillo, PhD






Science & Engineering 203B


1998University Central FloridaPhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering
1981University of IllinoisMS in Physics
1978Purdue UniversityBS in Physics




Research interests

  • Highway Capacity
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Flow Modeling

Dr. Marguerite Zarrillo has expertise in the development and application of Intelligent Transportation Systems to surface transport. She has created Decision Support Systems (DSS) for the Florida state DOT and the Florida Turnpike Authority. She has also developed Fleet Tracking DSSs using satellite wireless technology for the NBCA, the CCAV and UMD’s campus DartVan. Her hybrid micro-macrosimulation models, TPModel, TPQueue, TPCC, TNCC, and SHAKER estimate queue length and delay and have been deployed on DSSs containing logistic  and reporting tools. In particular, her model, SHAKER, was applied to toll collection facilities and is used in the analysis of their impact on traffic operations. The latest model, HighSim, predicts the speed-density and volume-density plots of traffic flow on uninterrupted flow highways based on vehicle and driver characteristics.

Capacity is the maximum number of vehicles per hour that a transportation facility can possibly process. It can be measured (counted) but it can also have a theoretical basis and can be computed. When operating agencies proactively manage demand and available capacity on a facility by applying new strategies or modifying existing strategies, these facilities are called managed-lanes, The development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has expanded the available strategies for this concept. Dr. Zarrillo has been active in this area of research from its onset in the mid 1990's, with the emerging deployment of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and now the wider concept of Electronic Payment Systems for Transportation (EPST). ETC was one of the first ITS technologies widely deployed. Her research and her publications were not only the first to bring attention to the need for a capacity analysis methodology for ETC managed-lanes, but were the first to publish a possible capacity analysis methodology.

Her research in queuing methodologies have been recognized by TRB's international Highway Capacity & Quality of Service Committee (HC&QSC) since 1999 and she has presented papers in their sponsored TRB technical sessions. The writing of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) is the principal charge of TRB's HCQSC. The HCM is the official international adopted document containing accepted methods for computing the capacity of a variety of surface transportation facilities. Dr. Zarrillo is also a member of TRB's Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Committee.

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