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The testing center is available for registered students with The Center for Access and Success (CAS) who require exam accommodations.

CAS is located in Pine Dale, 7136 (first floor). Appointments must be scheduled in person or through our online Testing Portal.

Scheduling Guidelines

All exams must be scheduled with CAS at least 5 business days in advance of the examination date. If a student does not schedule 5 days in advance, he or she may not be able to test as requested. Please note: All final exams must be scheduled with CAS at least 10 business days in advance of the examination date.

Students are expected to schedule the time(s), date(s) and appropriate allotment of time for each exam with CAS.

Register to take exams in our Testing Center online! 

Follow these steps below to access The Center for Access and Success (CAS) Testing Portal.

To log into the CAS Testing Sign-Up Form

Steps on Signing up for an Exam with the Center of Access and Success (CAS)

  1. Log into email / myUmassd
  2. On the left side of UMass Portal click “Quick Launch”
  3. Scroll down until you see “More Campus Systems,”
  4. Click Office of Access and Success Exam Registration
  5. Log into CAS Exam Registration

Note: Your courses will show up

  1. Under your class schedule click on the course of exam you are taking

The date of the exam should be the same date the class is taking the exam.

The time of your exam should be the same time that you have the class, unless you have made arrangements with your professor to take the exam at a different date or time. (Please note that this form will be emailed to the professor, so check with the professor first if you are changing date or time of an exam time.)

In the exam description, CAS needs to know what you will need for accommodations. Here you can say I need a computer or I have time and one half.  Perhaps the professor allows a calculator or open books or notes, etc. (Please note that these things will also be checked with the professor but it is good for us to know up front that you may need these items.)


** Note that you will only be able to log into the CAS Testing Portal if you are an active CAS member.

** If you do not meet the 5 and 10 business day prior exam notice, you will not be able to use the CAS Testing Portal.

If you are a CAS member and still cannot sign onto the CAS Testing Portal please try to log out and log back in. If you are still having trouble after that, please give us a call at 1-508-999-8711 or send us an email at

Testing Guidelines

The Center for Access & Success strongly regards academic integrity. A student found responsible of academic dishonesty, including cheating, is subject to severe disciplinary action that may include dismissal from the University. For more information, see the University’s Policy of Academic Integrity.

Students are required to schedule exams to be taken in the CAS Testing Center at the time the exam is given in their classrooms unless prior arrangements have been made with their professors. Students taking night classes need to make arrangements with their professors to schedule their exams during the normal CAS Testing Center's business hours.  In addition, student who have back-to-back-to-back classes must also make arrangements with their professors to schedule their exams at another time so they do not miss any lectures / other classes.

Students may not have their cell phone or any electronic device on them, regardless if it is turned off or silenced. Students must leave their phones, along with other personal belongings, in a designated area provided by the testing center.  Any students caught with a cell phone or electronic device in the testing room, or attempting to enter the testing room, will be considered in violation of this contract and may be a violation of the Code of Conduct. They will immediately have their exam collected and will be reported to their instructor and the chair of the department that course resides in. Additionally, CAS will file an incident report with the Office for Community Standards.

Students are prohibited from leaving the testing facility at any time. The time scheduled for testing accommodation should not be used for anything other than taking exams. Students must use the restroom, finish eating, drinking, studying, etc. prior to the start of the exam time. Please be sure to have tissues, extra pens and pencils, paper, etc. prepared prior the start of the exam. Students will not be given time for breaks. Bathroom breaks are generally granted every three hours with the supervision of a proctor.

Students must report to the testing facility 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the exam. This will allow time to secure personal belongings in a designated area away from the testing space, go over specific directions as indicated on the test-cover sheet etc.

If the student is unable to take the exam at the scheduled time it is the student’s responsibility to contact CAS and the instructor. A student may be late up to 20 minutes; however, this time will be deducted from the overall time given to complete his/her exam. After 20 minutes, the exam is returned to the instructor by a member of CAS personnel, and the student will be required to make arrangements with the professor regarding their exam. The test can be re-scheduled only with direct approval from the instructor.

The student code of conduct will apply to all students using the CAS Testing Center. Inappropriate behavior that disrupts other students in the CAS testing room will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior could/will result in suspension of testing in CAS and may result in CAS filing an incident report with the Office of Community Standards.

Instructor Responsibilities

Students afforded testing accommodations reserve the right to take exams in the CAS.

Instructors are responsible for delivery of the examinations to CAS.  The exam must be received by CAS no later than 24 hours prior to the test appointment. Please electronically send the exam via email to You may also FAX the exam to 508-910-6691. If you prefer, you, or a designee, can deliver the exam directly to our office. We strongly suggest exams are not sent through inter-campus mail. 

Be sure to provide any special instructions and best way to reach you during an exam (cell phone is best contact) if the student has a question.

CAS will deliver completed exams to the corresponding departments during normal CAS hours and when the Center has proper staffing to do so. Many instructors prefer to pick-up exams from the Center or send a designee.

CAS will make 2 attempts to deliver the exam. At that point, an e-mail will be sent to the professor notifying him/her to pick the exam up in the CAS.

Testing Center Responsibilities

Test materials will be kept secure. CAS must set and enforce policies and procedure to protect the integrity of exams and to ensure that the administration of exams is fair. CAS may change policies and procedure at any time.

Test proctors will be available to act on behalf of the instructor and will be in charge of the test session. Standard classroom testing regulation will apply. The proctor will not interpret or answer any questions on or about the exam unless previously approved by the instructor.

Examinees are expected to abide by the University’s Academic Integrity Policy. CAS is required to report any acts of academic dishonesty or unusual behavior to the instructor and the Office of Community Standards. Should this occur, the exam will be stopped and returned to the instructor immediately.

CAS reserves the right to deny testing services for any student who fails to comply with the appropriate scheduling responsibilities or testing regulations.