Online Learning - Are You Ready?

Below we have provided a few questions to ask yourself that may guide your decision to pursue online education.


1.) What do I expect of the online study?

Before pursuing an online course, there are some very important questions to ask yourself;

  • What kind of interaction are you expecting from the instructor?
  • How will you go about learning and understanding the material? Do you think that you will have a lot of writing to do or a little?
  • What do you believe the format of an online course is?

You should be aware of how online courses work so that you are fully aware of what you will need to complete online courses successfully. Click here for an online orientation.

2.) How well do I manage my time?

Taking an online course requires students to take an increased amount of responsibility for their learning. Online courses require students to manage their time and do so effectively. Students are expected to keep track of assignments, due dates, set study schedules, participate in online discussions, as well as seek help when needed. This can be challenging for students who need direct physical interaction with their professors and classmates.

3.) Does my documented disability affect my ability to process and comprehend written information?

In general, some students struggle with managing the content and discussions structured through online courses. For students with particular learning disabilities, the format of an online course can become very complicated. Most, if not all information and materials are provided via text format or found in audio lectures and videos. When you have trouble understanding course content, you will need to be ready to communicate online with your instructor.

4.) Will I need to utilize assistive technology to complete this course?

Some students benefit and sometimes need assistance from assistive technology. Assistive technology may conflict with some aspects of the online courses if the two are not compatible. Click here to preview a UMass Dartmouth Online course: COURSE DEMO

 5.) How comfortable am I with computers and technology?

One very important thing to consider is one's understanding of technology and computers. Students who are very proficient working with computer technology and familiar with its operation are more likely to succeed through online courses. Knowing your comfort level with today's computer technology will allow you to determine whether or not online study is for you When you have trouble understanding course content, you will need to be ready to communicate online with your instructor.