Tutoring Services

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers a number of student support services including free tutoring and other academic help for math, science, nursing, business, engineering, humanities and social science, writing, study skills, college reading, and ESOL. Throughout the school year ARC tutors a wide variety of subjects and an abbreviated schedule during the summer and intersession. Tutoring appointments are made by contacting the tutoring center you wish to visit by scheduling an appointment. However, some walk-ins can be seen if there is an available tutor. 


Looking for Help from the Academic Resource Center ?  During the fall and spring semesters, the tutoring centers are open weekdays until early evening for the convenience of both day and evening students. The centers also offer summer and intersession hours, which vary. Please contact each center to make an appointment.


Elmwood Halls Tutoring Center (EHTC) is now open as of February 4th.  EHTC provides the following tutoring services:

The Writing and Reading Center (WRC) provides writing, reading, study strategies and ESOL assistance for all courses and curriculum review for courses in the humanities and social sciences.

The Math and Business Center (MBC) provides academic support for Algebra,
Calculus, Statistics and other quantitative courses.

The SSS Federal Grant portion of our centers also helps to retain students who are the first generation in their family to attend four-year college and enables them to graduate. For these students we are able to provide additional support in the form of advising, loans of calculators, even supplemental grant aid (money) as well as specialized personal academic support.

Please call the ARC/SSS at 508-999-8709 to see if you are eligible.




Writing & Reading Center  

  • Provides writing assistance for all courses, ESL support and academic support for courses in the humanities and social sciences
  • Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 220A
  • Hours:  Mon-Thurs, 9am-7pm @LARTS, Fri, 9am-4pm @LARTS     
  • Sun-Thurs, 7pm-10pm @Elmwood Hall


Math & Business Center

  • Provides academic support for algebra, calculus, statistics and other quantitative courses 
  • Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 010
  • Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm @ LARTS
  • Sun-Thurs, 7pm-10pm @Elmwood Hall

Science and Engineering Center

  • Supports chemistry, physics, engineering and science classes and labs
  • Location: Science and Engineering Building, Room 217B
  • Hours: Mon-Wed, 9am-7pm @ SciEng
  • Thurs-Fri,  9am-5pm @ SciEng
  • Sun-Thurs, 7pm-10pm @Elmwood Hall