1. On-site e-business strategy assessment and strategy development.

E-Commerce Network members and nonmembers will be able to obtain strategic management consulting on e-business related issues. In addition, under supervision of a faculty member,a carefully selected team of graduate students provides assistance in developing well-structured e-business strategies for member and nonmember companies.

2. E-Commerce Workshops.

The E- Commerce Network offers workshops including how to get started, web- hosting and website maintenance. Additionally, in cooperation with MASS MEP, the E-Commerce Network will assess, establish and prioritize

e -business opportunities for member firms. As a result, companies will have the opportunity to become more familiar with the latest advances in e-commerce and employ effective strategies.

3. Monitor Implementation of E-Business Strategies.

The E-Commerce Network will monitor the implementation of member firms e-business strategies. SE Massachusetts E-Commerce Network acknowledges how essential this step is in determining the success and the effectiveness of every e- commerce strategy.

4. Organize Ongoing Speaker Series and Network Forums.

SE Massachusetts E-Commerce Network has been hosting a speaker series. These speakers are of diverse business backgrounds that are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of the members and nonmembers of the Network.

Through these meetings, representatives of member- companies have the chance of exchanging ideas and opinions on various e-business issues. These ongoing speaker series and network forums become an educational tool for every member and nonmember company.