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Ricardo D. Rosa

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Ricardo D. Rosa Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison (2011)
Assistant Professor
Specializes in Curriculum and Instruction, Language Policies, Literacy and Social Studies Education.




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Research Interests

Ricardo Rosa's current research centers on emerging articulations of educational privatization and its effects on organizational behavior in educational settings and possibilities for transformative leadership. His research also focuses on curricular theory and praxis within and beyond the boundaries of normative schooling.

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Summer 2014

ELP 552                                Organizational Behavior Educational Settings                                  
ELP 562 Human Resource and Change Management in Education

 Spring 2014

ELP 553 Transformative Educational Leadership
ELP 678 Contemporary Policy and Reform in American Education

Fall 2013

ELP 571 Research Methods I: Methods and Design
ELP 692 Dissertation Seminar II

Summer 2013

ELP 552 Organizational Behavior in Educational Settings
MAT 513 Urban Education and Social Issues

Spring 2013

ELP 553 Transformative Educational Leadership
MAT 614 Curriculum Theory and Practice
POL 511 Organizational Behavior in Educational Settings

Fall 2012

ELP 554 History and Philosophical Foundations of American Education
MAT 511 History and Foundations of American Education

Summer 2012 

ELP 552 Organizational Behavior in Educational Settings
ELP 562 Human Resources and Change Management in Education
EDU 511 Contemporary Instruction

Spring 2012

ELP 552/POL 511 Organizational Behavior in Educational Settings

Fall 2011

ELP 553 Transformative Educational Leadership

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  • Rosa, João & Rosa, Ricardo. (2011). Pedagogy in the Age of Media Control: Language Deception and Digital Democracy. New York: Peter Lang Publishers.  
  • (under review) Rosa, Ricardo. European Higher Education and Corporate Designs  of Utopia: An Essay Review of Paraskeva, João. (Ed.). (2010). Unaccomplished Utopia. NeoConservative Dismantling of Public Higher Education in the European Union. Policy Futures in Education. Rotterdam, Boston, Taipei: Sense Publishers. Oxford, U.K.: Symposium Journals Ltd.
  • (under review) Rosa, Ricardo & Lavallee, Thad. Supplemental Educational Services Another Altar of Neoliberal Language Deception and Citizen Salvation. Policy Futures in Education.
  • (Essay Review)Rosa. Ricardo D. (2008). Savage Neoliberalism and Subaltern Responses: An Essay Review. Education Review. 11(6).
  • (Essay Review) Rosa, Ricardo D. (2008). To Teach the Violent Past without Abstracting the Violent Present. Education Review. 11(6).
  • (Chapter) Rosa, Ricardo D. (2008). What Type of Revolution are We Rehearsing For?  Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. In: Apple, Michael, Gandin, Luis and Au, Wayne (2008). International Handbook of Critical Education. New York, N.Y.: Routledge.
  • (Afterword) Rosa, Ricardo D. (2010). Dissident Tongues: Liguas Cabrestadu Sempre ta Djata en Manifestason. In: Language Discourses and Pedagogical Realities. Winning the Battle for Control. Rosa, Joao. Praia, Cape Verde. University of Cape Verde Press.
  • (Chapter) Rosa, Ricardo D. (2002). An Open Letter to Changeton Teachers In: Leistyna, Pepi. (2002). Defining and Designing Multiculturalism: One  School System’s Efforts. State University of New York Press.

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  • Member of SEPPCE’s Licensure Coordinating Committee (LCC).
  • Board Member of The Office of Faculty Development – UMass Dartmouth.
  • Member of the Educational Leadership Department’s Accreditation Committee.
  • Member of the Social Policy, Education and Curriculum Research Unit.’
  • Committee Member and Reviewer for the 2011 Florida social studies instructional materials adoption – State of Florida.
  • Reviewer of submissions for the American Education Research Association (AERA) - 2013 Annual Meeting: Division G – Social Context of Education, Sig – Critical Educators for Social Justice, Sig – School Community, Climate and Culture.
  • Co-chair of the American Educational Research Association's Division B-Section 4.

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